Monitoring and Evaluation

To date APPRO has conducted numerous evaluations of donor funded programs and projects on education, health, humanitarian aid, food for work, food security, vocational training for women, access to formal justice for women, and access to services in urban areas. APPRO has also developed monitoring systems for tracking changes in women’s conditions in the context of transition of security responsibility from international to national security forces, conditions of women in the Afghan National Police, and conditions of basic rights such as food and shelter during conflict.

While the findings from evaluations remain confidential to APPRO’s clients, the evaluations and monitoring projects have provided APPRO with in-depth insights into operational issues and challenges associated with development aid provision in a variety of contexts including humanitarian aid, women’s rights, vocational training, security sector reform, access to services, natural resource management, and education. Based on the learning from evaluations and monitoring programs, APPRO provides training modules on the dynamics of the policy process and program / project design.

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