In a press conference on Sunday, January 28, 2018 the Ministry of Finance announced a tax amnesty program through which civil society organizations and private sector entities that have not cleared their taxes and have incurred penalties for the fiscal years of 1381 through 1396 (2002-2017), may pay the original tax along with 5% of the total penalties for these years. The entities that successfully complete this process will be excused from paying the remaining 95% of the tax penalties. This amnesty program will end in September 2018.

The amnesty program offers a great opportunity for NGOs and private sector entities to operate within the bounds of law and eliminate the possibility of coercion by corrupt tax officials. At the same time, NGOs and private sector entities will contribute to efforts for transparency in tax assessment, payment, and collection processes.

CFAC will provide technical and legal assistance to NGOs and private sector entities that wish to take advantage of the tax amnesty.

Interested NGOs and private sector entities are invited to attend a consultation meeting on the tax amnesty program to discuss the details of the program and address questions from the participants.

About CFAC:

Citizens’ Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) was established in 2016 to serve as a platform through which tax paying enterprises could defend themselves against corrupt tax officials. CFAC is a part of the Subcommittee on Anti-corruption of the National Advocacy Committee for Public Policy (NAC-PP). For more information on NAC-PP, see:

For more information on the meeting venue and date please contact: Atiq Rahimi, NAC-PP Secretariat, at, with the subject line “Tax Amnesty Program”.