On September 21, APPRO was invited to participate in a panel discussion on “Winning the Peace in Afghanistan” organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Humanity House in the Hague, The Netherlands. 
The discussion covered three key issues:
  • Current and future engagement of The Netherlands in Afghanistan  – The Ambassador of The Netherlands to Afghanistan, 
  • Gender and Development in the Afghan context – APPRO / APPRO-Europe.
  • Food Insecurity – Business and Education Link Consultancy.
Panelists’ presentations were followed by a debate with the participants which included  diplomats, academia, activists and NGOs, students from Utrecht and Leiden Universities, and Afghan diaspora. 
The presentation by APPRO / APPRO-Europe focused on achievements in terms of gender programming and development interventions over the past 16 years, remaining challenges, needs for future development programming and ways forward. Particular emphasis was placed on:
  • Following up on and institutionalizing NAP 1325
  • Sustaining development efforts
  • Conducting contextualized research prior to program design,
  • Conducting regular monitoring of how conflict affects fundamental rights with a focus on women’s rights, and
  • Continuing capacity building of national and international implementers based on the learning from the last 16 years.
On September 22, APPRO / APPRO-Europe gave a detailed briefing to the Afghanistan Desk of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the current situation in Afghanistan and findings from ongoing monitoring, applied research, and professional training by APPRO in Afghanistan as components of the Afghanistan Rights Monitor project.