Policy and Institutional Analysis: A Handbook

As a profession, policy analysis examines what actions would best serve the public interest in a given situation, and how those actions can be successfully elaborated as formal policy and implemented by state actors with support from their civil society constituents. To increase the likelihood of success and sustainability of policy outcomes, modern policy analysis […]

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ابزار آموزشی: دادخواهی سازنده مبتنی بر شواهد

  این راهنما نتیجهٔ همکاری و ارتباط مؤسسهٔ مطالعات عامهٔ افغانستان با تعداد زیادی از سازمان های دولتی و سازمان های جامعهٔ مدنی در سراسر افغانستان از سال 2007  به این سو می باشد. این کتاب راهنما به عنوان یک منبع برای آموزگاران  پالیسی و دادخواهی و افراد و سازمان هایی  جامعه مدنی که مایل […]

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Evidence-based, Constructive Advocacy: A Handbook

This manual is developed as a result of APPRO’s collaboration and interaction with numerous government agencies and civil society organizations throughout Afghanistan since 2007. The manual is intended to serve as a resource for policy and advocacy trainers and civil society individuals and organizations that wish to pursue positive societal change through constructive, evidence-based advocacy.

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