Workshop Proceedings: Afghanistan Rights Monitor

This workshop report combines the proceedings from two workshops held in 2017 and 2018 as part of the Afghanistan Rights Monitor Project (ARM), funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. APPRO sincerely thanks all the invited guests, their active participation, and contribution to the two workshops.

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New Penal Code and EVAW law: To Incorporate or Not to Incorporate?

This paper aims to investigate the rationale for the non-incorporation of the EVAW Law into the Penal Code. The paper also to examines the impact of this decision on the implementation of Afghanistan’s National Action Plan for the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (NAP 1325), which came into effect in June […]

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Afghanistan Rights Monitor: Project Synthesis Report

This report serves as the final project report for Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM). ARM was designed to be implemented from October 2015 until July 2018 by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  ARM is premised on the recognition that the most basic, fundamental rights of Afghan […]

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Annotated Bibliography: Multi-agency Reporting on Anti-corruption in Afghanistan

This annotated bibliography is compiled as part of the Citizens’ Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) project, part-funded by the European Delegation – Afghanistan and implemented by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO). The bibliography is intended to assist multiple actors with projects or programming on anti-corruption in Afghanistan. The compilation will be updated twice per year, with […]

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Return Migration and Fundamental Rights in Afghanistan: Perceptions and Practices

The extent to which migration-induced transfers from neighboring countries with long cultural, economic and political ties with Afghanistan affect social norms, but also perceptions and practice of rights and development concepts, has received little attention. In a context like Afghanistan, where the implementation of “human rights” and constitutional provisions on rights are sometimes perceived as […]

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Afghanistan Rights Monitor – Cycle 6

This is the sixth monitoring report of Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM). The objective for the ARM monitoring rounds is to assess changes in fundamental rights conditions across ten target provinces from January 2016 to December 2017. “Fundamental Rights” are conceptualized broadly to include Civic, Social, and Economic rights. A baseline assessment was concluded in December 2015 […]

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نظارت از حقوق اساسی شهروندان افغانستان: دور ششم نظارت

هدف این گزارش و همچنین گزارش های نظارتی پیشین عبارت از سنجش تغییرات بوجود آمده در شرایط حقوق اساسی در ده و یت مورد نظر می باشد که سه مرتبه در هر سال انجام می شود. «حقوق اساسی» به مقوله های حقوق مدنی، اجتماعی و اقتصادی تقسیم بندی شده اند این گزارش یافته های دور […]

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د افغان وګړو له بنسټیزو حقونو څارنه شپږمه څارنیزه دوره

دغه راپور هم د تېرو څارنیدو راپورونو په څېر د لسو ټاکل شویو و یتونو د وګړو په بنسټید حقونو کې د راغلیو تغییراتو له سنجونې څخه عبارت دی چې هر کال دری ځله ترسره کیږي. «بنسټید حقونه» د مدني، ټولنیدو او ا تصادي حقونو په کته گوریو وېشل شوي دغه راپور د ۲۰۱۷ کال […]

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