In an increasingly tense security context and persisting economic instability, Afghanistan is witnessing rising waves of displacement both internally and as out-migration. As issues of migration are becoming increasingly politicized, there is more than ever a need for a clear understanding of drivers of migration within and from Afghanistan on the one hand, and the dynamics of reception in host environments on the other. Informed policy making on migration crises will need to be based on applied research in the following and related areas:

–       Human Security of migrants and internally displaced persons

–       Economic Impact of Migration (home environment, host environment)

–       Drivers of internal displacement and out-migration

–       Impact of return migration and re-integration of returnees

–       Brain drain and brain gain in migration processes

Given the lack of systematic knowledge on the above areas, and the pace at which the situation is changing, there is an increasing need for systematic and regular baseline assessments, ongoing monitoring, and discourse to inform policy in the country of origin and host countries.