Return Migration and Fundamental Rights in Afghanistan: Perceptions and Practices

The extent to which migration-induced transfers from neighboring countries with long cultural, economic and political ties with Afghanistan affect social norms, but also perceptions and practice of rights and development concepts, has received little attention. In a context like Afghanistan, where the implementation of “human rights” and constitutional provisions on rights are sometimes perceived as […]

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2015 زنان بیجا شده و منازعه: کندز، سپتمبر الی اکتبر

این مطالعۀ موردی به منظور بررسی شرایط زنان بیجاشده ای که با تسخیر کندز در اواخر سپتمبر و اوایل اکتبر 2015 این ولایت را ترک گفته اند، انجام شده است. هدف از انجام این ارزیابی همانا دادخواهی مبتنی بر شواهد در راستای عمل به اهداف پلان عمل 1325 افغانستان می باشد.

Research Fields:   Human Security Migration Reports

Return Migration and Development Nexus

There is much enthusiasm for the linkages between return migration and development. However, this has hardly been researched for low-skilled returnees in a south-south migration context. This research samples a host of returnees among casual labourers in Kabul. The main question is to what extent these low skilled casual labourers have gained from their migration experience upon return in terms of accrued skills and techniques. The hypothesis is that those who are better prepared (circumstance) for their return will have more gains (impacts) from their migration experience upon return. The main conclusion of this study is that despite the many problems that plague Afghanistan’s socio-economic conditions, and the distant prospect of these problems being addressed, the migrants that have gained skills abroad have a significant relative advantage over others without those skills as far as employability. They learned new generic and technical skills, aesthetic values, and the use of tools they were not accustomed to before. Upon return their quality of work is claimed to be better, their employability increased and source of income is less volatile.

Research Fields:   Human Security Migration Reports

Rural – Urban Migration: Case of Kabul

This study was undertaken to examine issues of displacement due to population movement and urban growth, land and settlement patterns, access to basic services, urban infrastructure, and livelihood strategies by comparing different cohorts of in-migrants and host communities in Districts 5, 7 and 13 of Kabul.

Research Fields:   Human Security Migration Reports
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