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Return Migration and Fundamental Rights in Afghanistan: Perceptions and Practices

The extent to which migration-induced transfers from neighboring countries with long cultural, economic and political ties with Afghanistan affect social norms, but also perceptions and practice of rights and development concepts, has received little attention. In a context like Afghanistan, where the implementation of “human rights” and constitutional provisions on rights are sometimes perceived as […]

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Afghanistan Rights Monitor – Cycle 6

This is the sixth monitoring report of Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM). The objective for the ARM monitoring rounds is to assess changes in fundamental rights conditions across ten target provinces from January 2016 to December 2017. “Fundamental Rights” are conceptualized broadly to include Civic, Social, and Economic rights. A baseline assessment was concluded in December 2015 […]

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Afghanistan’s NAP 1325 (2015 – 2018): A Critical Assessment

This assessment was carried out in April 2018 to examine progress toward implementing Afghanistan’s NAP 1325 since June 2015, with a focus on the budgeting process to fund implementation. Despite the impressively organized and efficient budgeting process, the fact remains that movement on implementing NAP 1325 took almost two years to commence. In many ways, this long delay to start implementation is symptomatic of all other well-meaning policies made in Afghanistan since 2001: policies and plans tend to mostly remain on paper while “the public” is almost always absent from the making of policies and their implementation. 

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Chronic Conflict, Poverty, and Child Labor: Evidence from Kandahar, Bamyan, Herat, and Balkh

All studies of child labor show, overwhelmingly, that poverty is a major driver of the problem. Children engaged in work are often deprived of education and therefore miss out on the life opportunities that formal education can bring. There are, in addition, societal impacts from widespread child labor, such as the emergence of whole generations […]

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جنگ دایمی، فقر مزمن و کار اطفال: شواهد بدست آمده از کندهار، بامیان، هرات و بلخ

در این تحقیق کوشیده ایم تا انواع و پیامدهای شناخته شدۀ کار اطفال در افغانستان و از جمله عواقب آن برای رشد جسمانی، روانی و اجتماعی اطفال را مورد بررسی قرار دهیم

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دایمي جګړه، اوږده بېوزلي او د ماشومانو کار: له کندهار، بامیانو، هرات او بلخ څخه تر سه شوي اسناد

په دې څېړنه کې هڅه شوې چې د ماشومانو د جسمي، رواني او ټولنیزې ودې له پاره د منفي پایلو په ګډون په افغانستان کې د ماشومانو د کار پېژندل شوي ډولونه او ناوړه پایلې، تر مطالعې ندې ونیسو

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NAP 1325 – Monitor Monitoring Cycle 3: September – December 2017

The objective for this and future monitoring reports is to evaluate the conditions for women, and improvements / setbacks in the implementation of NAP 1325 across twelve provinces (29 districts). Improvements and setbacks in each province are analyzed under the Participation, Protection, Prevention, and Relief and Recovery Pillars of NAP 1325. A baseline assessment was conducted […]

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Religion, Charity and Food Security: Evidence from Nangarhar, Bamyan, and Nimruz

The purpose of this case study is to examine the actual and potential role of mosques in alleviating food insecurity for the most vulnerable in three selected provinces of Afghanistan – Nangarhar, Bamyan, and Nimruz – while identifying pathways forward for interventions to improve food insecurity. 

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