Afghanistan Rights Monitor: Project Synthesis Report

This report serves as the final project report for Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM). ARM was designed to be implemented from October 2015 until July 2018 by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

ARM is premised on the recognition that the most basic, fundamental rights of Afghan citizens are under threat by the ongoing armed conflict and resultant instability. The key expected outcomes of ARM concern changes in governance practices as a result of evidence- based and constructive advocacy on fundamental rights by civil society and responsiveness and informed decision making by state authorities. To serve these requirements, ARM was designed to:

1. Conduct regular monitoring of the current conditions of fundamental rights in Afghanistan using a set of indicators based on internationally recognized standards for monitoring Civic, Social and Economic rights

2. Generate informed, pragmatic, and constructive advocacy by civil society on fundamental rights’ needs, based on empirical data, and

3. Increase the capacity and responsiveness of public institutions to evidence-based advocacy on fundamental rights by Afghan civil society.


Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports