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State-Civil Society Relations: Fundamental Rights in South Africa

This paper presents contemporary South Africa as a case study of the ways in which state and civil society actors engage with each other toward the protection and advancement of fundamental rights. The paper was commissioned by APPRO to draw potential comparative lessons for the context of Afghanistan, and for other emerging democracies.

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د دولت او مدني ټولنې اړیکې په سوېلي افریقا کې بنسټیز حقونه

دغه راپور د سوېلي افریقا د اوسني وضعیت په اړه ترسره شوې څیـړنې پایلې په ډاګه کوي او د دې ټکي سپړنه کوي چې دولت او د مدني ټولنې فعالان د اساسي حقونو د ترویج او ملاتړ په برخه کې له کومو لارو له یو بله سره تعامل کوي. دغه راپور د افغانستان د عامه څیـړنو موسسې له خوا چمتو شوی تر څو د افغانستان او نورو نویو جوړېدونکو ډیموکراسیو له پرتلیزو تجربو ګټه پورته شي

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

روابط دولت و جامعۀ مدنی حقوق اساسی در افریقای جنوبی

این گزارش نتایج مطالعۀ موردی انجام شده در خصوص وضعیت معاصر افریقای جنوبی را بازتاب می دهد و به بررسی این نکته می پردازد که دولت و کارگزاران جامعۀ مدنی به چه شیوه هایی در راستای ترویج و پشتیبانی از حقوق اساسی با همدیگر تعامل می شوند. گزارش حاضر توسط موسسۀ مطالعات عامۀ افغانستان تهیه شده است تا از آموخته های مقایسوی افغانستان و دیگر دموکراسی های در حال شکل گیری بهره گیری شود.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

Localization of NAP 1325: A 15 Province Status Report

This report provides an update on the conditions of women vis-à-vis NAP 1325 in 15 provinces, grouped under six regions and consisting of 38 urban and rural districts. It synthesizes pertinent findings from two papers based on research carried out in early 2016, presents a stakeholder analysis of the actors relevant for MWPS and their knowledge and understanding of UNSCR 1325 and NAP 1325, and suggested activities that could be undertaken at the local level to advocate for women, peace, and security and in support of Afghanistan’s NAP 1325 in the remainder of 2016.

Research Fields:   Aid Effectiveness Reports

Afghanistan Rights Monitor: Monitoring Cycle 1

This is the first monitoring report of Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) following a baseline assessment released in December 2015. The objective for the ARM monitoring rounds is to assess changes in fundamental rights conditions across ten target provinces from January 2016 to December 2017. “Fundamental Rights” are conceptualized broadly to include Civic, Social, and Economic rights. A baseline assessment was concluded in December 2015 to establish the basis against which to monitor changes in fundamental rights conditions, followed by the first monitoring cycle between January and April 2016. The reporting period for this second monitoring cycle covers May to August 2016. Data were collected in 29 rural and urban districts in the Central, Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western geographical zones of Afghanistan.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

نظارت از حقوق اساسی شهروندان افغانستان : مرحلۀ اول

این گزارش، اولین گزارش از شش چرخۀ نظارتی است که برای پروژۀ نظارت از حقوق بنیادی شهروندان افغانستان  برنامه ریزی شده و در فاصلۀ زمانی جنوری 2012 و دسمبر 2017 اجرا می شوند. گزارشات نظارتی دوره ای به منظور حمایت از پالیسی سازی و اقدام آگاهانه در راستای حمایت و ارتقای حقوق بنیادی در افغانستان تهیه و تنظیم می شوند. حمایت و ارتقای حقوق بنیادی در افغانستان بر مبنای  تحقیقات کاربردی، نظارت، ظرفیت سازی و دادخواهی آگاهانه صورت می گیرد.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

د افغانستان ښاریانو د اساسي حقونو څارنه: لومړی پړاو

دا د افغان وګړو له بنسټیزو یا اساسي حقونو څخه د څارنې پروژې(ARM) لومړنی نظارتي راپور دی چې د ۲۰۱۶ کال د اپرېل میاشتې له لومړنۍ ارزونې وروسته خپور شوی دی. دغه راپور د هالنډ هېواد د بهرنیو چارو وزارت په مالي مرسته چمتو شوی. د افغانستان د عامه څېړنو موسسه له هغو ټولو کسانو د زړه له تله مننه کوي چې موافقه یې وکړه د دې راپور چمتو کولو له پاره د معلوماتو راټولنې په پروسه کې ونډه واخلي.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

Afghanistan Rights Monitor: Baseline Assessment

Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) was designed to support informed policy and action on fundamental rights protection and promotion through research, constructive advocacy, and increased capacity of public institutions. ARM is premised on the idea that institutionalization of fundamental rights in Afghanistan’s system of governance must filter into the everyday practices of both government and civil society actors. This baseline report and subsequent four-monthly monitoring reports cover 10 provinces (29 districts in total), selected to represent the diversity of conditions throughout the country. “Fundamental Rights” are conceptualized broadly to include Civic (governance, political rights, and freedom of expression), Social (health, food security, education, and family rights), and Economic (right to work and protection at work). The crosscutting themes running through these three pillars are gender relations and corruption.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports
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