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24 Apr 2017

فساد را گزارش دهید! ابتکار جدید به منظور تقویت حکومت داری خوب

به تعقیب سلسله کارهایی که موسسه مطالعات عامه افغانستان &n...

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APPRO provides a range of training workshops on social scientific research methodology and conducting research in conflict environments. We offer four one-day and five two-day training modules in the following areas:


One-day training modules

  • Ethics of research
  • Consent and protection of respondents
  • Qualitative research methods – what is the difference between a conversation and a research interview
  • Verification and validation of data
  • Principles of “Do No Harm” in social research


Two-day training modules

  • Research skills – listening, observing, probing, writing
  • Understanding sensitive issues – place of ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status in data collection processes
  • Interview skills or how to move beyond “yes, we need a lot of help, what can you do for us now?”
  • Hearing the unspoken – role of social skills in data collection
  • Interviewing skills – role playing and mock interviews – practicum


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