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24 Apr 2017

فساد را گزارش دهید! ابتکار جدید به منظور تقویت حکومت داری خوب

به تعقیب سلسله کارهایی که موسسه مطالعات عامه افغانستان &n...

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Awareness of individuals can change when empirically grounded information is presented repeatedly, consistently, and logically.


Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) tools such as writing policy briefs, blogs, and making short and long presentations based on empirically grounded arguments are effective in creating discourses to question mainstream awareness and widely held beliefs.


Advocacy uses empirically grounded facts to demand policy change through awareness changing, lobbying, persuading, and sometimes protesting.


This module introduces the key elements of IEC and Advocacy and guides the participants in engaging policy makers through a variety of IEC tools and advocacy methods.


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