Privacy Policy

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on May 25, 2018. APPRO and APPRO-Europe both have a global reach and, as such, are obliged under GDPR to provide clear and detailed information about the collective rights of the individuals with whom they communicate.
Privacy Policy

APPRO and APPRO-Europe respect privacy of the recipients of their periodic communiqués. APPRO and APPRO-Europe collect personal and professional information about individuals and organizations through face to face contact, exchange of business cards, and subscriptions by individuals who choose to do so by clicking “Subscribe” on either of the two websites.

Purposes of Data Collection

Different types of data are collected by APPRO and APPRO-Europe for:

Various communiqués including updates and mass mail outs to inform mailing list subscribers about APPRO and APPRO-Europe activities on a regular basis
Announcements about events organized by APPRO and APPRO-Europe and other partner organizations
Outreach efficiency based on the analysis of user behavior (see below)
Compilation of inventories of contractors, experts, and specialists who may be called upon to collaborate with APPRO or APPRO-Europe for its ongoing or future work.
Compilation of institutional information for financial transactions to disburse or receive funds
Compilation of individual and organizational details for data collection and analysis purposes.

In all the above cases, prior consent is secured from the individuals – and option clearly and explicitly provided for removal from any of the above datasets. The information in all above datasets is not subject to any automation process that could result in data being put to use for purposes other than those listed below.
Data Types

For communiqués, the information collected consists of: Name, Position / Organization, Postal Address, and Email address(es).
For website management, the information collected captures user behavior. For examples: the buttons most clicked on, the pages most reviewed, the length of time spend on each page, and the country and region of the user. Cookies are used to enhance the experience and functionality of a website. APPRO and APPRO-Europe use cookies for collecting anonymous data about usage of either website to analyze and improve services.
For tenders and awards, the information collected on individuals is consistent with the contents of a full professional resumé.
For financial transactions, the information collected includes: VAT and IBAN or SWIFT codes.
For research, monitoring, and training activities, the information collected includes: Age, Education, Sex, Language, Civil Status, Employment Sector, and other demographic data.

Under no circumstances any of the above data types is made pubic or shared with other agencies without the prior consent of the individuals whose information has been recorded by APPRO and APPRO-Europe.
Data Storage Time Limitations

No data is kept longer than it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
Data Security

All personal data and datasets are managed in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and existing legal regulations. All data is kept secure with access provided only to the authorized personnel at APPRO and APPRO-Europe. Means used to ensure privacy include end-to-end encryption, firewalls, regular backups, and password protection.

All individuals whose data are being kept by APPRO and APPRO-Europe have the right to access their data, be informed of the uses to which their data are being put, and make APPRO and APPRO-Europe correct, update, or completely remove the data.