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Critical Review of NAP 1325 Policies

Description: Studies on the implementation of gender programming in Afghanistan show that strategies and programs are often reduced to “requirements” issued by donors to include a gender component or perspective in all programming with undefined capacity requirements and without concrete guidance, earmarked funding, or systematic monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. The purpose of this review is twofold. First, to assess the adequacy of and effectiveness of WPS programming by major international actors and their Afghan counterparts in Afghanistan and, second, to generate a series of practical recommendations on gender mainstreaming and women-centred programming in Afghanistan, using Afghanistan’s NAP 1325 as the legitimizing instrument.

Research Fields:   Human Security Reports

The Budget Process and Budget Advocacy: A Handbook

This manual is structured in three parts and serves as a resource for understanding the budget process in Afghanistan and identifying entry points for civil society to engage with budgeting authorities to ensure that citizens’ needs and concerns are accounted for and addressed in budget decisions.

The first part of this manual describes the basic principles of budgeting within a good governance framework. The second part describes the budgeting process in Afghanistan. The third part of this manual focuses on how and during which stages of the budget process CSOs and Local Authorities (LAs) can jointly influence budgeting decisions of the national government and elected officials to include local needs and priorities in annual government budgeting, particularly in the health and education sectors.

Research Fields:   Resources

Instability, Conflict and Fundamental Rights: Lessons Learned from Afghanistan Rights Monitor

This report provides a synthesis of activities by APPRO for the “Afghanistan Rights Monitor” (ARM) project from November 2015 to March 2017, highlighting the lessons learned, challenges, ways forward, and the implications for future development and humanitarian aid programming in Afghanistan.

Research Fields:   Human Security Reports

بی ثباتی، جنگ و حقوق اساسی: درس ھای آموخته شده از پروژه نظارت از حقوق اساسی شھروندان افغانستان

این گزارش ترکیبی فعالیت ھایی را ارائه می کند که بین نومبر 2015 و مارچ 2017 میلادی در چارچوب پروژه نظارت از حقوق اساسی شھروندان افغانستان انجام شده اند. بخش بعدی فشرده ای از پروژه و بخش ھای آن ارائه می کند و سپس یافته ھای مهم روندھای نظارتی، مطالعات موردی، ورکشاپ ھای مشورتی و فعالیت ھای اطلاع رسانی بھ شکل ترکیبی ارائه خواھند شد.

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

بې ثباتي، جګړه او بنسټـیز حقونه: د افغان وکړو له بنسټیـزو حقونو د څارنې پروژې څخه زده شوي درسونه

دغه راپور هغه فعالیتونه په ګوته کوی چې د ۲۰۱۵ نه تر ۲۰۱۷ مارچ پوری د افغانستان د وکړو د اساسی حقونو د پروژی تر عنوان لاندی ترسره شوی دی. دا د افغان وګړو له بنسټیزو یا اساسي حقونو څخه د څارنې پروژې (ARM) کلنۍ راپور دی چې د هالنډ د بهرنیو چارو وزارت په مالي لګښت چمتو شوی. د افغانستان د عامه څېړنو موسسه له ټولو هغو کسانو مننه کوي چې موافقه یې وکړه تر څو د دې راپور له پاره د معلوماتو په راټولولو کې ونډه واخليماشومانو پر بنسټیزو حقونو د دې وضعیت د اغٻز پھ اړه، شدیداً کمھ پوھھ وجود لري

Research Fields:   Governance Human Security Reports

Legal Literacy Handbook

This manual is prepared as a brief, practical guide to legal literacy in Afghanistan, with a focus on Access to Information Law. 

Research Fields:   Resources

State-Civil Society Relations in Service Delivery in Health and Education in Kabul, Herat, Nangarhar and Takhar

Civil society has a crucial role to play to ensure more inclusion and participation of Afghan citizens in the budget process, currently limited to a civil society workshop held on the first budget circular and a limited number of planned consultations with civil society. The 2014 Provincial Budgeting Policy (PBP) is a good opportunity for civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage in influencing the different phases of the budget process, from developing the provincial development plans to budget planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation. This baseline assessment was undertaken as part of “From Black Boxes to Building Blocks: Citizen-State Engagement for Transparency and Accountability in Health and Education” (CS project), a project which aims to strengthen citizen-state engagement by facilitating civil society involvement in the budget process, particularly by capitalizing on opportunities provided in the PBP and the forthcoming Sub-National Governance Policy.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports

په کابل، هرات، ننګرهار او تخار و یتونو کې د روغتیا او پوهنې سکټورونو د خدمتونو وړاندې کولو په برخه کې د دولت او مدني ټولنې اړیکې

د دغې څېړنې له ډيزاين څخه موخه چې د ۲۰۱۷ کال په لومړيو کې د افغانستان د عامه څېړنو موسسې له خوا تر سره شوې، د هرات، کابل،ننګرهاراو تخار و لايتونو د روغتیا او پوهنې په برخو کې د خدمتونو وړاندې کولو د اوسني وضعیت پلټنه ده. موږ دغه څېړنه د   پروژې د همکارانو د فعالیتونو لپاره د يوه چوکاټ جوړونې په موخه ترسره کړه تر څو هغوی وکو لای شي د پروژې په پروسه

کې د مدني ټولنو ګډون اسانه کړي

Research Fields:   Governance Reports
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