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Value Chain Governance and Gender: Saffron Production

This study was undertaken to iden;fy constraints and explore opportuni;es for women to par;cipate and improve their posi;on in various stages of saffron produc;on. The findings reported in this paper are based on primary data collected through interviews with key informants and focus group discussions and secondary data from a review of the exis;ng literature on agricultural value chains, value chain analysis, and gender in/and agricultural development.

Research Fields:   Political Economy Reports

Gender and Agriculture: Barriers and Bridges

This annotated bibliography is part of the research project, “Multi Donor Trust Fund for Trade and Development: Understanding the Gender Dimension of Trade Markets in Afghanistan”, funded by the World Bank. The overall goal of the project was to the constraints and explore opportunities for women to participate and improve their position in the various steps of selected value chains in farm and non-farm production. The outcome of the study was to feed into the gender mainstreaming strategy of the Government of Afghanistan and the international donor community involved in the reconstruction effort.

Research Fields:   Political Economy Reports

Sector Reform in Public Health, Education, and Urban Services

This study examines the current state of service delivery in education, health and municipal services, focusing on Kabul and Herat.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports
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