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Monitoring Women, Peace, and Security : A Rapid Assessment

This rapid assessment was carried out during August-December 2015 in 15 provinces (38 urban and rural districts) for developing evidence-based advocacy tools to be used in meeting UNSCR 1325 / NAP 1325 objectives at the local, district level, in Afghanistan. The report takes account of the general security situation, the existing gender relations within the target communities, the existing capacity requirements for WPS interventions to take place at the local level, and whether or not there is demand for such interventions.

Research Fields:   Human Security Reports

Women in Transition: A Synthesis

This report presents a synthesis of monitoring conducted since 2012 on the impact of the security transition on women. The baseline assessment, carried out during September-December 2012, and the subsequent four monitoring cycles, carried out from January 2013 until December 2014, sought to assess the likely impact of security transition on the lives of Afghan women.

Research Fields:   Human Security Reports

Traditional Clustered Enterprises of Afghanistan – A Synthesis

This synthesis report is the product of persistent efforts by researchers from Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) since 2009 to alert Afghan governmental authorities and international donors to the need for a better understanding of productive and resilient forms of economic enterprise in Afghanistan as the basis on which to devise sustainable economic programming. Based on the findings from these studies, this paper makes a case for policy and programming focus on clustered enterprises as resilient, productive, and licit economic actors offering untapped potential for strengthening the role of private sector in Afghanistan’s political economy and economic reconstruction.

Keywords: Political Economy, Clusters, Small Enterprises.

Research Fields:   Political Economy Reports

Women’s Rights, Taliban, and Reconciliation: An Overview

This paper is based on primary research by Antonio Giustozzi and data from secondary sources, notably , the monitoring reports by Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) on the impact of the transition of the security responsibilities from international to national security forces from September 2012 until December 2014. It takes stock of the different positions expressed by the Taliban over time regarding the conditions of peace and examines the response these views might attract once in the public domain.

Research Fields:   Human Security Reports

Afghanistan’s Access to Information Law – A Preliminary Review

This assessment was carried out to establish the current arrangements for access by the general public to service information from public institutions. The recommendations from this assessment are intended to inform efforts to reform Afghanistan’s nascent Access to Information Law. The two service areas assessed were the public health sector and electricity provision in Kabul.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports

State-Civil Society Interactions in Turkey: Retrospect and Prospects

This paper examines the patterns of state-civil society interaction in Turkey with a specific focus on rights-based civil society organizations (CSOs) active in the fields of women’s and human rights. The research sought to examine the key features of state-civil society interface and conduct a qualitative analysis of the roles CSOs play in the mode of governance in Turkey and the implications for policy options to strengthen state-civil society interactions toward good governance in Afghanistan and other developing or emerging democracies.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports

Patterns of State-Civil Society Interactions in India: Key Features

This paper is one of a series of papers to examine, and learn from, CSO-government interface in contexts similar to Afghanistan. This paper focuses on the evolution of CSO-government interface in India. To ensure currency and availability of data, the two topics selected for this paper are violence against women and corruption.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports

Women in Afghan National Police – What Now?

This paper highlights some of the major barriers to the professionalization of policewomen in ANP, assesses the impact and sustainability of initiatives to support policewomen, and identifies entry points for future interventions to strengthen the presence and increase the number of women in ANP.

Research Fields:   Governance Reports
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