On September 26, 2017, APPRO organized a one-day workshop on Academic Writing Skills in Kabul for participants in the cross-certified course in Policy and Institutional analysis. The workshop was also open to other qualified individuals from government and civil society.

 The workshop introduced participants to research methods and analysis, structure of academic papers, styles in academic writing, and research and writing ethics. Other areas touched on during this one-day workshop were how to arrive at a research question, differences in the presentation of qualitative and quantitative research findings, plagiarism and referencing, and differences between academic and applied research.

Doing research with the intention of effecting change is a social responsibility. To effect change, research needs to be critical, yet constructive.” – Saeed Parto, Director of Research, APPRO.

At the end of the workshop the participants were invited to make suggestions for future, similar workshops to increase the impact of the certified course in Policy and Institutional Analysis. The following were the main suggestions:  

1. Adding a separate lecture on academic writing to the Policy and Institutional Analysis course.

2. Organizing a policy development workshop as a practicum of 3-4 sessions where those who have completed the Policy and Institutional Analysis course actually apply what they have learned to a real policy problem. We will look at our current resources to see if we can provide a practicum for policy development for those who have taken the Policy and Institutional Analysis course and keep you posted.

3. Working with various interested government and non-government entities to assess their policy skills needs and develop tailor-made courses to meet those needs. 

4. Development of demand-based certified courses and workshops based on petitions from the Alumni. 

APPRO will add an additional lecture on academic writing skills to the next round of certified training and start preparing contents for a 3-4 day workshop on applied policy design and implementation, as a follow up to the certified training course in policy and institutional analysis. At the end of the workshop, APPRO committed to work with governmental departments to assess capacity needs for policy making and design tailor-made, applied courses for government personnel with direct responsibilities for policy making. More generally, APPRO invited the participants from government authorities and non-government organizations to organize petitions demanding specific cross-certified courses and workshops.