The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN Women organized a 3-day training workshop for the NAP 1325 Focal Points in Herat, July 18-20, 2018. As part of this workshop APPRO made a presentation on policy analysis with a focus on Afghanistan’s NAP 1325, drawing attention to the broader context for implementing NAP 1325. Among the points emphasized in this presentation were:

  • Transparency and accountability in interfaces between relevant government, semi-government, and non-government entities at different levels, from district to national
  • Setting SMART policy objectives and conducting monitoring using SMART indicators
  • Linking existing gains for women in different sectors to NAP 1325 objectives and building on these gains through implementing NAP 1325
  • Doing multi-level monitoring, at a provincial level and for each of the key ministries
  • Evaluating outcomes to date and generating lessons learned for the next phase of implementation
  • Using NAP 1325 Scorecards for each province and for each key ministry as resources to document lessons learned and take corrective action.