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August 27, 2017 – Presentation of ARM Findings in Bamyan

August 27 2017

On August 27, 2017,  Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization presented findings from Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM)  in Bamyan. Attending were representatives of provincial authorities, members of civil society,  NGOs and INGOs working in the provinces. 

The presentation covered findings from the baseline and first three monitoring cycles of ARM on the situation of fundamental rights in Afghanistan across three rights’ pillars: Civic Rights, Social Rights and Economic Rights. Specific focus was placed on findings from Bamyan province. 

ARM is a project designed to support informed policy and action on fundamental rights protection and promotion through applied research, constructive advocacy, and increased capacity and responsiveness of public institutions toward the rights-based needs of Afghan citizens. Monitoring rounds are conducted every four months, taking stock of evolutions in access to fundamental rights in 29 rural and urban districts in 10 provinces of Afghanistan.

The presentation was followed by a discussion with participants on factors influencing evolutions in access to rights in Afghanistan in general, and in Bamyan province in particular. Specific attention was paid to the rights of children. 

The Baseline Assessment for ARM, and reports of Monitoring Cycle 1, Monitoring Cycle 2 and Monitoring Cycle 3are available on APPRO’s publications page.