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July 27, 2017: ARM Presentation at the US Embassy in Kabul

July 27 2017

On July 27, 2017, APPRO presented findings from its Afghanistan Rights Monitor (ARM) Project at the US Embassy in Kabul. Attending the presentation were representatives from the diplomatic community in Kabul, UNAMA and INGOs. 

About ARM

The ARM project emerged with the observation that the most basic, fundamental rights of Afghan citizens could be under threat by instability and conflict. ARM was designed to:
1.     Document the baseline conditions for fundamental rights as of 2015 and monitor how instability or conflict would impact the fundamental rights under the three pillars of Civic, Social, and Economic rights.
2.     Ensure that government authorities and civil society actors have a shared understanding of fundamental rights and the need to protect and expand them through changes in policy and development programming. To this end, a key component of the ARM project is to provide joint training for government authorities and civil society actors through a certified course on policy and institutional analysis. The Policy and Institutional Analysis course, certified by Gent University in Belgium, brings together government and civil society actors in a single space, equips them with systematic and systemic knowledge of the policy process, and creates opportunities for them to directly engage with each other based a shared appreciation of the constraints and limitations in effecting change to safeguard fundamental rights and a shared vocabulary in the discourse for devising policy options.