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Good Governance and Anti-corruption – Baseline Assessment Findings from CFAC

June 14 2017

On June 14, 2017, APPRO held a presentation on administrative corruption at the European Union Delegation – Afghanistan in Kabul. The presentation drew on findings from a baseline assessment conducted as part of the Citizens’ Forum Against Corruption (CFAC) project.

The presentation highlighted the highly systemic and institutionalized nature of corruption in tax assessment, payment, and collection processes and the impact on the interactions between service users and providers.

“Mechanisms to resist corruption cannot be set up through legal reform or appointing people with qualifications alone because of the many weaknesses in the rule of law in Afghanistan. We need, in addition, to understand the rule sets that sustain corruption, assess how stable the system is, and what civil society can do – as both victims of corruption and change agents for anti-corruption – to change the rule sets.” – Saeed Parto, Director of Research, APPRO

The first place to start for national and international tax paying entities is to pay much more and ongoing attention to the dealings of their finance department personnel and tax authorities.