Afghan Women and the Security Transition, 2012-2014

his blog is a translation of an earlier blog by Mohammad Ehsan Saadat, Research Project Manager at APPRO, available

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Afghanistan in Post-2014: Backward or forward?

I just came back from a two and half month trip to Kabul, which was organized around my PhD fieldwork. I am

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The Happy Union of Corruption and Official Sadism in Afghanistan

In 2013 the BBC, citing a report by Transparency International, reported Afghanistan as the most corrupt

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The Snake and the Horse: Corruption in Afghanistan in 2013 and 2014

According to the Chinese Zodiac the Year 2013, which began on February 10, is the year of the snake.

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Seminar Scrutinising Success and Failure in Development, Saeed Parto

Dr. Saeed Parto, Keynote Speaker at the "Scrutinizing Success and Failure in Development” conference at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, April 2008  


Afghanistan’s NAP 1325 (2015 – 2018): A Critical Assessment

This assessment was carried out in April 2018 to examine progress toward implementing Afghanistan...

13 May 2018

Chronic Conflict, Poverty, and Child Labor: Evidence from Kandahar, Bamyan, Herat, and Balkh

All studies of child labor show, overwhelmingly, that poverty is a major driver of the problem. C...

30 April 2018

NAP 1325 – Monitor Monitoring Cycle 3: September – December 2017

The objective for this and future monitoring reports is to evaluate the conditions for women, and...

17 April 2018

Religion, Charity and Food Security: Evidence from Nangarhar, Bamyan, and Nimruz

The purpose of this case study is to examine the actual and potential role of mosques in alleviat...

15 March 2018

Women’s Shelters: A Preliminary Assessment

This research was carried out to assess the availability, adequacy, access and use of women’s she...

12 January 2018