The following briefs were prepared specifically for the Brussels conference on Afghanistan to be held on October 4-5, 2016. These briefs are based on APPRO's extensive work on gender relations, corruption, private sector development, evaluations of various development programmes and projects, governance and human security. These briefs are intended to inform programming and policy development for Afghanistan's Transformation Decade (2015 - 2024).

On Women in Peace Negotiations

There has been an emerging consensus since around 2011 among international donors, numerous academics, other researchers, and Afghanistan experts that peace must be negotiated between the Government of Afghanistan and

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افغاني ښځې او د امنیتي واکونو د ليږد بهير

ه بهرنيو ځواکونو څخه افغاني ځواکونو ته د امنيتي واکونو د ليږد بهير، د افغانستان حکومت، په جګړه کې ښکيل هيوادونو او رسنيوته يو له تودو بحثونو څخه و. دا بهير د۱۳۹۰هـ.ش کال د وري په مياشت کې پيل

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Afghan Women and the Security Transition, 2012-2014

his blog is a translation of an earlier blog by Mohammad Ehsan Saadat, Research Project Manager at APPRO, available

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زنان افغان‌ و پروسهٔ انتقال مسؤولیت‌های امنیتی

پروسهٔ انتقال مسؤولیت های امنیتی از نیروهای خارجی به نیروهای افغان یکی از مباحث داغ رسانه‌ها، حکومت افغانستان و کشورهای درگیر در جنگ افغانستان بود.

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Afghanistan in Post-2014: Backward or forward?

I just came back from a two and half month trip to Kabul, which was organized around my PhD fieldwork. I am

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Seminar Scrutinising Success and Failure in Development, Saeed Parto

Dr. Saeed Parto, Keynote Speaker at the "Scrutinizing Success and Failure in Development” conference at Wageningen University, the Netherlands, April 2008  


Evidence-based, Constructive Advocacy: A Handbook

This manual is developed as a result of APPRO’s collaboration and interaction with numerous gover...

17 February 2017

Afghanistan Rights Monitor – Cycle 3

The objective for the ARM monitoring rounds is to assess changes in fundamental rights conditions...

1 January 2017

نظارت از حقوق اساسی شهروندان افغانستان دورۀ نظارتی سوم

این سومین گزارش نظارتی پروژۀ نظارت از حقوق شهروندان افغانستان (ARM) می باشد که برای سال 2016 تهیه...

1 January 2017

Female IDPs and Conflict: Kunduz, September-October 2015

This case study was carried out to take stock of the conditions of female IDPs who have fled Kund...

23 November 2016

2015 زنان بیجا شده و منازعه: کندز، سپتمبر الی اکتبر

این مطالعۀ موردی به منظور بررسی شرایط زنان بیجاشده ای که با تسخیر کندز در اواخر سپتمبر و اوایل اک...

23 November 2016